Que Sera, Sera

Just because you’re living in society, doesn’t mean you have to drown in them. You have to be yourself. A rebel. They don’t speak for us. They don’t speak for you. Most people just listen with the intent to reply, they don’t listen with the intent to understand.

If they can understand you, it is only a gift. You have to appreciate for it, but don’t be addictive. Don’t expect them to always understand you.

They have no obligation to make you happy. They can buy, then sell you. They can care, then leave anytime. They can give, then control you. Because humans are inconsistent. So are you. So are we. Fake but true.

A hope will hurt you, too much hope will kill you. Don’t expect love from them, don’t think that they will always available for you because it will only make you feel lonely. Loneliness is fool. Blind.

You will be a self-destructive when you feel lonely. You will crush yourself, run and run and run and run, then you will crush someone else. So plastic. Pathetic.

The only thing you can really have is yourself, it’s absolute. You can’t control someone in the name of love. But in relationships, you can do that. Because relationships is an umbrella to cover a fear. Fear of losing. Fear of solitude. It’s a way to survive. A trap. Supertrap.

So, if you can’t be sincere, people will always disappoint you. If you reject yourself, you will be immersed in society.
If you love with one of them, spray your love, don’t throw molotov. You don’t have to proof it, love can’t be proven. Just give it, just do it. Love isn’t trade, isn’t about to take. Love is free, free someone you love. Let it free. Let it be. Que sera-sera.

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